The Harwich Mayflower is a brilliant, audacious project to build the Mayflower ship, set sail on an exciting Voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and land as the Founding Fathers did 400 years ago, in America. I wholly support this inspiring Charity who provide employment and training to an ever-growing army of young people and volunteers. The Harwich Mayflower Project IS making history and changing lives. This is THE Charity to watch.”

Sir Richard Branson


..boarding a wooden ship, the Mayflower of Harwich nearly 400 years ago, and setting sail across the vast Atlantic ocean, traversing 3000 miles in all weathers to the new land of America.The Harwich Mayflower

Huge waves are constantly crashing against the ship.

One man, Captain Christopher Jones, whose house still stands today in Old Harwich, England, took responsibility for the care of nearing 130 souls in that memorable year of 1620.

We at the Harwich Mayflower Project, are building a seagoing replica of the iconic Mayflower vessel and our goal is to set sail in a Commemorative Voyage in 2020, recreating the intrepid Voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers to America.


Welcome To The Harwich Mayflower Project

Our goal is two-fold; firstly to recreate a working replica of the Pilgrim Fathers’ vessel, the Mayflower – secondly, to re-establish Harwich as a maritime hub and a centre of learning for future generations.

Here at the Mayflower Project, we aim to reinvigorate the traditional boat building skills (which have been lost over time) providing employment and educational opportunities throughout Harwich and the surrounding areas.

We want to reignite the passion generated by the original vessel and re-consolidate our much valued historic links between England and the USA.

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